Superb video mashAllah! 


This TED video features a mother and daughter duo that are doing amazing work in Somalia! Truly inspirational 🙂

Who else watches Adam Saleh? I love his videos, and I picked out this video from his Vlog channel because I thought it’s pretty cool.

The media loves the idea of Jews and Muslims hating each other. They love portraying it and focusing their lense on any person or act of hate towards the other to further support this idea and image, making it seem like thats the norm. However, aside from the lenses of the big screen, some students did a video of Jews and Muslims praying together, showing that thats not always the case, and that our different faiths can become a common ground for us to unite over. Beautiful video.👌🏼


I dont know what to say…may they rest in peace and Allah yerhamhom. 🙏

Every now and then I stumble across a convert YouTuber who shares their conversion story, or find one of these stories on the side, and every single time they get to me. They’re such beautiful stories, and I can’t imagine how brave these people had to be to follow their heart despite the fact that it meant embracing something so foreign to them.

A while ago a video about a woman walking in NYC for several hours went viral because of the harassment she had faced on the street. Since then, several people have made several videos, and this specific one is about a woman walking in NYC without hijab, and then fully dressed with hijab.