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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ok so I have a confession, I’ve fallen into many “HIJAB DON’TS” over the many years I’ve worn hijab. Honestly, sometimes looking at my old photos makes me cry a little on the inside because I can’t believe the horrendous outfits I’ve worn, in public! But just because I fell into horrible hijab mishaps, you shouldn’t have to! I’m going to share three HIJAB FASHION DON’TS for those who want to save themselves before it’s too late 😛  Continue reading

Hijab Fashion

Hijab & the Dress Devil


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In all honesty, I want to ask you ladies, have you ever had that moment, where you looked at yourself in the mirror and said “I wish I could just go out without wearing my hijab and worrying about covering so much of my body?”

I feel like there isn’t a single hijabi out there who has never had that thought, especially those living in western countries and those who might not wear hijab, but stick to modest dressing in countries where modesty only refers to covering your private parts. 

I’m going to admit, that yes though I’m a hijabi and choose to wear a hijab every time I walk out the door, I do have those thoughts sometimes (especially when I’m in a rush to get somewhere.) I find it so bothersome when I put together an outfit that looks so nice and perfect, and then can’t wear it due to the fact that once I add my hijab, or once I add extra pieces for full coverage, I end up looking like a hobo and the outfit is ruined. And it’s during these moments, when the Dress Devil decides to wander through my head, and tell me things like:

“What is the big deal if you just walked out without your hijab?”

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