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Absolutely Hateful Letter Targeted at Muslims | When will Islamophobia stop?

I’m simply appalled at the fact that someone has so much hate in their heart towards people they don’t even know. Furthermore, what pisses me off about this situation, is the fact that the media didn’t cover it with the same magnitude it rushes to cover anything that’s related to a “muslim” doing something bad.

In case you’re wondering what I’m blabbing about, read this letter that was sent to muslims in the U.K:

Punish a Muslim Day Letter

“Punish A Muslim Day” letters are being sent to families in East London. The letter details a point system for each action & reward. For example pulling a Muslim woman’s hijab is 25 points, throwing acid is 50 points and burning or bombing a mosque is a whole 1,000 points.

What bothers me even more, is the fact that nobody’s been able to track where this bloody letter came from? Is it really that hard to track where the letter was sent and where it was received? Is it really that hard, or is it just because the matter “isn’t that big of a deal?”

I’m so tired of these idiots going back and forth between themselves, whether ISIS, or KKK or islamophobes or Nazis or whatever else have you; these mentally disturbed bigots going around freely causing all kinds of chaos for no particular reason. I’d really like to collect the bunch of them and dump them into the amazon and hope they learn that the only way to survive is if they stopped trying to kill everybody that didn’t look and act like them.

This letter bothers me so much. I don’t understand people like that, I really don’t. Is hating Muslims a hobby now? Why don’t you throw acid at each others face to practice a little before you throw it on Muslims? Really, you don’t wanna come unprepared to your cult’s annual event. I swear, this is absolutely embarrassing to the human race, street animals behave better than this. This is absolutely shameful.

I know that some people wrote the letter below in response to the hateful one. And I definitely want to say, I appreciate it, and I know that not everybody is hateful etc.

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THE BASIC MUSLIM TAG | 15 Questions for Muslim Youtubers to do!


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

The internet could seriously use a blogpost like this since I couldn’t find a proper tag for muslims to do. If you’re a muslim youtuber or even blogger, this would be a fun set of questions to answer to have your followers get to know more about you while being entertained, enjoy and feel free to add or change anything!

Also, please don’t start any religious debates from these questions, they’re supposed to be a cool way to learn more about each other, not a heated political/religious debate, ok? Ok, so here they are: Continue reading

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Hijabi Girl with Martin Starr and Paul Wesley?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

How many of you have heard of the Amira & Sam movie which came out yesterday? The trailer is at the end of this post if you haven’t.

The reason I’m bringing this up, is that the heroine, Amira, isn’t just an arab girl who happens to be from Iraq, she is portrayed as a hijabi girl in the movie. A hijabi girl. Playing the lead. In an American movie!  Continue reading

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3 Muslim Practice Hacks

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Religion doesn’t always have to be something you allocate a specific time for, or need to be in a certain place to practice. Religion is a lifestyle, and I think differing on this perspective is what makes religion so hard to practice for some, and easy for others. Continue reading


Reclaim Your Heart

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I was browsing Amazon for a good book yesterday and somehow along the way, decided that I should buy a book relating to Islam since it’s the month of Muharram and one of my goals was to spend more time on my religion (or doing things that related to religion). I wasn’t expecting to find much, but then came across this: “Best Books by Muslim Women”, which was basically a list of some interesting books relating to Islam and women. I was expecting the list to be short and boring, but was surprised to find many interesting titles, and the best part was that they were all by women and not men! I’m not sexist but the majority of Muslims happen to be from the Middle East or other areas where male dominance literally makes it so hard for our voices to be heard, so coming across so many personal writings of these women who shared the same values and beliefs as me truly made me feel like I’m not standing alone and that I’m part of a greater community.

And not only that, but I came across a particular book that I’am a bit too excited to share, and this is only from the preview that I’ve seen of it since I haven’t received it yet. The book is called “Reclaim your Heart” by Yasmin Mogahed. It’s basically a story that connects her personal life experiences with Quranic quotes and her religious journey.

Here’s what someone said about it in their review to give you an idea:

This book is AMAZING. You will never want to put it down. It really helps you put everything into perspective and shift your focus on what really matters in your life – Your relationship with God. There is no doubt that we will experience hardships in life -but after you read this book your hardships will be a lot easier to deal with. May God continue to bless Yasmin in the amazing work that she does.” -Tamer

0985751207Can’t wait to get to read the rest of it! If you click the cover picture

you’ll be taken to the page where you can find the preview for it.


Why Muslims got the better Deal when it came to Prejudice

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I know you might not agree with the title. Or you might be skeptical and think: “Why would anyone write something like this?”. But this is something that needs to be addressed, because there’s too many Muslim Americans now a days, who are spending too much time being upset over the prejudice they face. And they need to know that we’ve actually received the lighter load when it comes to hate crime against people of other races and religion. If you look at the way people in the world have reacted previously to the threats and prominence of other racial or religious groups, the reactions were much more extreme than what we’re getting today.  Continue reading

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Today’s thought for the day is: What if Everyone was a perfect Muslim?

What do you think the world would look like, if everyone was a perfect Muslim? What would change in the world? What are some things that would be different about society and the general way that things are done?

Personally I think the result would be less exciting, but more full-filling lives, like for example, I think for things like movies, there won’t be people doing all that haram stuff and putting themselves out there in R rated movies, which would make the media sector much more boring (in my opinon) but then in exchange for that, one, we won’t spend so much time on it, two, we won’t have to try to live up to unrealistic standards, and therefore have less insecurities and we won’t feel like we are missing out on much (like all that drinking and partying they do on movies and the way it makes you feel like your spending your time wrong), and the content will help us grow as individuals since it won’t just be about partying and sex anymore.

Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section, very curious to see what other will come up with!

Thought for the Day: What if everyone was a perfect Muslim?