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6 Movies I recently Watched and Liked

I’ve probably seen twice as many movies this year, than I have in my entire life. Some of these movies are new releases, some are old (but gold) movies that I’ve finally found the time to watch. Either way, hope these brief personal reviews give you a better idea of whether you should invest your time to watch them or not 😉

  1. Miss Bala (Recently Released)


So, I’m going to be honest. I don’t like action-type movies, and I usually tend to stay away from them, but my girl Gina Rodriguez was in this one so I had to watch it. Duh. Her performance was phenomenal (as always) and the movie was great, although it could’ve definitely been much better if there was more dialogue instead of action going on. But either way, I’d still recommend watching it. It’s got a great plot overall, and it was beautifully directed and the main lead roles were amazing. 🙂 

You can watch the Miss Bala trailer on youtube HERE

    2. The Switch (Old)

This is a pretty old one, and I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. Jennifer Aniston decides to have a child through artificial insemination, she seeks out a donor and long story short, her best friend hijacks the insemination and she ends up having his kid without realizing it. The movie is quite funny, and definitely a feel-good type of movie. 


  3. Aquaman (Recently Released)

This movie was amazing. I’m not a marvel comics/characters fan, but this movie was seriously pretty awesome.

Loved Jason Momoa in this, there were great supporting roles, the plot was easy to follow and the graphics were relatively good. Funny story, his step-brother in the movie plays the role of the donor in the previous movie I mentioned, The Switch. Small world isn’t it? Lol. In any case, highly recommend this movie, it’s got lots of action and plenty of jokes, will keep you entertained the whole time for sure. 

    4. Mary Poppins Returns (Recently Released)

Not going to lie, this movie was pretty awesome, until it got to the cartoon parts. Unfortunately, adulting has taken its toll on me and I no longer enjoy cartoons any more. Sad I know 😦 The story line revolves around the Banks kids who are grown up now and have children of their own. Mr. Banks is a widow and is about to lose his house, and Mary Poppins returns to help the kids deal with the loss of their mom and the home disaster situation going on. The acting was great, and some of the tunes were pretty catchy, I would recommend it 10/10 as a family movie to watch with kids. 

    5. Mona Lisa Smile (Old)

This has Julia Roberts in it, so of course I’m going to say good things about it. The story follows a liberal-minded college professor as she embarks on a personal challenge to teach in a very conservative college. The movie is more of a message regarding a truth in our society and it’s interesting to see how the lives of her students play out. Some fall under the status quo of marriage over education and others take other paths. Not to say which is right or wrong, but it just shows different perspectives on the matter which I thought was neat.

   6. Second Act (Recently Released)

This movie revolves around Jennifer Lopez who plays the role of a woman seeking to change her career path. In the process, she stumbles into one of her old hidden secrets and has to face it. The plot overall is good, the acting was also good, though I didn’t particularly think Lopez and Hudgens displayed good acting chemistry, but I’m not complaining. 

That’s all I can say for the movie though, it was good, in a plain way. It had so much potential, yet for some reason it just didn’t work. It’s not to say that it was bad, there was just something about it that made it absolutely forgettable and un-relatable on some level. Oh, I will say one thing though, Leah Remini was probably the highlight of the movie for me, her jokes cracked me up. Honestly, I would’ve probably left the theater if it hadn’t been for her energetic presence and jokes. Lol. 

There are some other movies I would’ve liked to include, but I’ll stop the list short here. 

What good movies have you seen lately that you recommend I watch? 

P.S Just a heads up, I’ll be changing the name of this blog to pretty soon. 


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