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About Your Faith

About Faith

-from an excerpt in Nahjol Balagha

(1) It is a road that is crystal-clear, inundated with light.

(2) Faith leads you to good deeds, and good deeds lead to faith. [rest of excerpt continues at end of post]

Notes on faith. Don’t let it wither, don’t let it dry out. I know how busy everyday life can get, I truly do, but you need to stop for a minute and take a breather.

You need to maintain your faith, water it daily, take care of its soil, its foundation. If you’re neglecting it, don’t be surprised when you wake up one day and don’t recognize the person in the mirror.

Most importantly, remind yourself how easy it is to do this. It’s easy to take an extra 30 seconds or minute after prayer to close your eyes and think about your Creator.

Why are you on this earth, who put you here, who controls everything around you? We ask our employers for raises and promotions so that we can be abundant in money, we ask our doctors for prescriptions and solutions so we can be in better health, and we plan and plan for tomorrow.

But why ask an employer for money when it’s all in Allahs (swt) hands? Why ask doctors for good health when again, it’s all in Allahs (swt) hands? Who should you be asking?

And what about tomorrow? You’re not promised that. Take a minute away to step aside from your planning, ask for a tomorrow and be thankful for your present moment. It’s the little things, small moments of remembrance and appreciation that go a long way; both in this world and what comes after.

[excerpt continued]

3) Faith adds depth to knowledge; knowledge makes one conscious of death; death is the conclusion of life; life is a prelude to the next life; and resurrection is the gate to paradise, or to hell for those who have gone astray.

(4) People have no way to evade resurrection; they rush through its gates to their final destination. 

***I am not a scholar and everything presented in this post is my personal opinion on the subject.


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