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THE BASIC MUSLIM TAG | 15 Questions for Muslim Youtubers to do!


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

The internet could seriously use a blogpost like this since I couldn’t find a proper tag for muslims to do. If you’re a muslim youtuber or even blogger, this would be a fun set of questions to answer to have your followers get to know more about you while being entertained, enjoy and feel free to add or change anything!

Also, please don’t start any religious debates from these questions, they’re supposed to be a cool way to learn more about each other, not a heated political/religious debate, ok? Ok, so here they are:

#1 Favorite surah from the Quran? 

My answer: Either Mulk or Al Waqiah, they’re quiet short and I love reading them all the time or listening to their recitations by Mishary Al Afasy especially.

#2 How many times have you had Pork by accident?

My answer: Um… I would say like two or three times, but I feel like I’ve probably had it more than that but just didn’t know. One time I ate a spring roll thinking it was filled with veggies and then I was telling my friend it’s good and what did she put in it, and she was like, carrots, peas…pork….and then I just put it down while freaking out in my head haha.

#3 In what language do you read your Quran?

My answer: I read Quran in arabic, even though my reading is a bit slow, I also had a Quran in English but I didn’t like reading it in English because it just wasn’t the same and sometimes the translations would change the meanings of things and it was I don’t know, just not the same.

#4 Would you want your wife/husband to wear a hijab or have a beard?

My answer: Don’t really care, but he’d better not have a problem with my hijab or make me take it off or something.

#5 Do you know your 5 Pillars?

My answer: Yasss, shahada, prayer, fasting, charity and hajj! Woo.

#6 Ever been mistaken to belong to another religion?

My answer: Not really, but sometimes people don’t know what my religion is and have to ask even though I wear a hijab.

#7 Are you more religious than your siblings?

My answer: Sometimes it feels like it, other times not.

#8 Ever been awkwardly caught doing abolution/wudhu in a public bathroom?

My answer: Oh my God, yes. And it’s so embarrassing everytime, like you think it would get less embarrassing the more it happens, but nope- it’s just as embarrassing every single time lol. Especially when you’re not wearing your sneakers and socks and the person is just like wtf….

#9 Do you know the difference between SubhanAllah and MashAllah?

My answer: Yes and it irritates me so much when people misuse it!

#10 What age do you think is perfect to do Hajj?

My answer: Hmm. Well I don’t want to do it when I’m really old and can barely walk, that’s for sure. Maybe 40 is the most I’d delay it to.

#11 People’s reaction when you told them you don’t drink?

My answer: It usually varies depending on whether the other person drinks a lot or not, but usually they don’t really care.

#12 Meanest thing you’ve been told for being muslim

My answer: Um, I feel like this is a bad question, maybe I should delete it lol?

#13 Last time you went to the mosque?

My answer: Like 2 months ago when I was in Oman and there was an actual mosque I could go to without being looked at like some sort of criminal lol.

#14 How many Mohammad’s do you have in your family? xD

My answer: That awkward moment when every one of my dad’s brothers has a combined name of Mohammad-Something, like Mohammad-Saeed, Mohammad-Hassan and so on. Honestly too many to count lol.

#15 Where’s your prayer matt at? Did you pick it or your parents?

My answer: You know I’m not sure where my prayer matts are from, they’ve just always been in the house. I need to go buy one specifically for me.

Lastly, can you say “JazakumAllahkhairan?” If so, then say JazakumAllahkhairan for watching this video/reading this post!

That’s all for the Basic Muslim Tag, hope you guys found it useful, please do share this with friends and family and have fun doing it on your blog or channel and be sure to tag a few people you’d like to answer these questions, I’d be interested to hear other peoples accidental eating pork stories haha xD

***All icons in the graphic were taken from from Channanan, Ahmed Yosry, and Oliviu Stoian.

6 thoughts on “THE BASIC MUSLIM TAG | 15 Questions for Muslim Youtubers to do!

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  2. Bayan says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ..
    hi my sister.

    Mashallah you are a brave and good girl, May Allah bless u my sister, I am ur sister on Islam, I see ur video on YouTube. U did a great job, keep going, I will encourage u,
    Also I am a proud of u.

    I am Saudi, Muslim woman, I with to keep on touch with u,

    If u want, plz contact me on my Email.

    May Allah protect u my sister ❤️❤️


  3. Ahmed says:

    i am teacher arabic language . If you want to learn it . Told me and send me message in whats app this is my number +2 01122702847


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