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Hello? Earth to Muslims


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Nothing irks me more than a person with the name Mohammad who represents Islam without wanting to, and is an example of everything it’s not.

You know, that one guy in class, Mohammad, who walks in the halls with his hand in his girlfriend’s, his 2nd girlfriend’s. And let’s not talk about the hourly smooching sessions he likes to hold with her at the end of the hallway right by the stairs, as everyone watches.

So much for modesty, Mohammad.

This is the guy that likes to yell “Allah” for fun as a joke with his friends, and gets excused from running the mile in gym class because “I’m fasting today Mr.Brown” and then you see him stuffing his face with cafeteria spaghetti right after.


Yeah that guy, he irks the crap out of me. This particular Mohammad, I made up, but unfortunately, all the attributes I gave him are those I’ve seen in real life by fellow Muslim classmates.

Furthermore, the problem isn’t just about Mohammad, it’s about his brothers and sisters who do this stuff too. So many of them know how to pray but don’t, know how to fast but don’t, know about charity with more than enough money in their pockets, but can’t afford to give a cent.

And it seriously bugs me.

If you identify yourself as a Muslim but don’t stick to the basic five pillars or at least respect them, then why do you identify yourself as Muslim? You do realize doing that makes it worst for you and for me; because you will be associated with all the negative attributes society has leeched onto Islam, and it’s worst for me because you don’t know much about Islam and will further misinform people about it by being someone that doesn’t practice whilst keeping the label. You’re further distorting the religion for people like me who will be affected by the impression you’re creating for others.


I understand this doesn’t sound nice, but you know what else isn’t nice? Having someone identify themself as Muslim, but not doing anything Muslim other than saying I’m Muslim.

And I’m not just speaking about terrorists, I’m speaking about the many individuals that make up the more than 1 Billion Muslims worldwide, who in the name of Islam tell their daughters or sons they can’t or can do certain things without any REAL religious reasons (just an example of many.)

Obviously not everyone is born perfect and in a way I don’t have the right to be calling out others like this, but you know what, there is a difference between being ignorant and choosing to be ignorant.

We’re at an age where information is so readily at our disposable- all it takes is a 5 second Google search that can utterly transform your perspective of an issue. Whether it’s prayer, hijab, Hajj, or the manners of a Muslim.


You can instantly find out why they’re important, how they benefit you both on the spiritual and worldly spectrum, and how you can start practicing them. Religion isn’t something you will ever know everything about, it’s like a science of your spirituality, and you will never know the end of it. It’s a continuous  learning process, so don’t ever fall into the trap that you know all that there is. Keep searching.

And for those who are actively choosing to remain ignorant and continue following after the other Mohammad in the school hallways, I hope that you realize it’s not okay. Especially when you got excused from running the mile because you told the teacher you are fasting even though you weren’t. Please don’t be like that.

Thank you for reading this far 🙂 I hope that you got something useful out of this post, and that if anything, I hope it benefitted you in one way or another. Til next time!


*HAJJ= name of pilgrimage to Mecca in Arabic



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