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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ok so I have a confession, I’ve fallen into many “HIJAB DON’TS” over the many years I’ve worn hijab. Honestly, sometimes looking at my old photos makes me cry a little on the inside because I can’t believe the horrendous outfits I’ve worn, in public! But just because I fell into horrible hijab mishaps, you shouldn’t have to! I’m going to share three HIJAB FASHION DON’TS for those who want to save themselves before it’s too late 😛 


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 6.22.33 PM

Put short, this Hijabi girl thinks it’s okay to simply wear a black long sleeved shirt under her t-shirt. Sometimes it’s because she really likes her t-shirt and wants to wear it, other times it’s because she doesn’t have time for an outfit, or simply because it’s comfortable (aka my sister lol) 

Though there is nothing wrong with this, it can quickly become a fashion horror story if the t-shirt you’re wearing doesn’t necessarily permit wearing something under it. Like a t-shirt that’s really short, one with tight arm sleeves, or a t-shirt that’s tight. 

Pairing those types of t-shirts with a black (or any other color) long-sleeved undershirt is NOT a good idea. I repeat, NOT A GOOD IDEA (wink wink to my sister haha.) Not only does it look like an unfinished outfit, but it also takes away from the way your t-shirt looks. Whether it’s a pattern, a picture or quote, it won’t look as good when worn with a long sleeved shirt underneath it.

The only times I’ve seen this work is with several loose t-shirts, and jerseys. Other than that, it’s NOT A GOOD IDEA!!


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 6.42.03 PM.png

This hijabista isn’t too concerned with her hijab outfit, she only cares about fulfilling her duty to Allah and her idea of that fulfillment is that wearing the hijab on her head is enough. She’s going to wear the vans she wants with the sweatshirt she wants with the colored jeans she wants, and isn’t going to care at all that her vans are RED her jeans are GREEN and her patterned scarf doesn’t match her shirt or the cardigan she’s wearing onto of it all. She wears what she wants and walks around in a rainbow of colors, hence the picture above, feel free to imagine it with a Hijab of your choice (though I don’t think any Hijab you pick will make this outfit right again :P)

Although this is nice to an extent, wearing what you want carelessly I mean, it can get a little out of order. A little too wacky. So it’s worth putting in a little effort to make the outfit work, whether it’s exchanging the hijab for a solid color instead of a patterned one, or changing your jeans or shirt for one that matches more. Some can totally rock the look by wearing colors that have a connecting theme:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Again, there’s nothing wrong with colors as long as you’re careful to not over do it so that you don’t end up looking like a confused child. Or me freshman year :’D



This girl, can dress both fashionably and not-so-fashionably sometimes, but the one thing that’s always constant in her outfits, is her hijab. Her black hijab to be more specific. Her black hijab matches EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT SHE WEARS. Out of the 365 days a year, she will have alternated between 3 to 4 different black scarves that she likes to wear 300 out of those 365 days.

This girl really likes her black hijab and how it goes with everything, and isn’t too interested in the dozen other hijab she’s got waiting in her drawer! It’s so easy to fall into this pit of “Black Hijab,” and even if it’s not a black hijab, some times we come across a certain hijab that just goes with everything we wear. So we wear it. A lot. This is probably the most OK trap to fall into, because the worst case scenario is you’re wearing the same hijab in all of your pictures, and not to mention the state of that hijab after being worn so many times. And also the fact that everyone can locate you at school because of your tendency to always have the same hijab on. LOL. Be sure to give your other scarves a chance too!

At the end of the day, fashion is a subjective matter that differs from person to person. So my “3 HIJAB DON’TS” might be someone else’s “3 HIJAB DO’S,” but I thought it would be cool to share this with you all and to see what “Hijab Traps” you’ve gotten yourself into 😉

PHOTO CREDITS:  1st Pic2nd Pic, 3/4 Pic, 4th pic, Pic that I used to make the header image

*Also I came across THIS hilarious tumblr page dedicated to ugly outfits LOL

P.S has anyone else had that amira hijab phase? You know the 2 piece hijab one that most kids wear.



13 thoughts on “3 DON’TS OF HIJAB FASHION!

  1. Assalaamu ‘alaykoum Sis,

    Tbqh this whole “fashionable but modest hijaab” trend is a humongous lie and deviation. ALLAH Soubhaanahou wa Ta’Aala clearly told the believing women in Surah an-Nur verse 39 NOT to show their adornments (beautiful clothes, makeup, perfume, jewellery etc) in front of non-mahram men and to cover themselves with their large loose veils. This is not my opinion, this is ALLAH’s command.

    Do you really think that men will pass by women dressed like the above and won’t do a double take and find them extremely attractive? ? Do you really see anything modest in this dress? From the poses to the tightness to the adornments, nothing here says to me that this person has hayaa. RasuluLLAH Sal ALLAHU alayhi wa sallam said that women who dress like that will not even smell the fragrance of Jannah even though it can be detected from centuries away.

    So this really should be called hijaab DON’Ts.


    • Thank you for this comment sis, I really appreciate, and encourage other view points and perspectives. However, you are wrong in some things sister. The first being that ALLAH swt has told us to not show our adornments, which according to you include everything from clothes, make up, perfume and jewelry. When ALLAH swt says something I obey, but the issue is that scholars don’t really agree on what comes under the umbrella of “adornments”

      Wearing a sweatshirt which is casual is actually MORE modest than a abaya in the middle of a place where everyone is wearing sweatshirts and your abaya is CAUSING attention.

      I think each and every situation has a modest way to dress and that sometimes it doesn’t look the way we are used to.

      Furthermore, it is not our job as women to make sure men don’t look the wrong way at us. The reality is, you can be in a burqa and a man will still fantasize about the way it hangs off your shoulders or ruffles when you walk. Does that make it haram to walk? If you’re fully covered but some guy finds the way your clothes move when you walk attractive? This goes the same for dressing. It’s important to keep modesty in mind when dressing, but remember, everything in moderation. No need to dress like we’re in 18th century muslim arabia, because their dress isn’t what made them muslim, the way they dressed was the same before they became muslim. So please remember that when you dress, you are dressing for ALLAH SWT, I’m going to say that again, ALLAH SWT, and not to please what men think is appropriate enough for you to wear and what THEY think is modest.

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      • Ukhti I am sorry but I do not agree, if we did not have a certain responsibility over how men perceive us IN GENERAL, then ALLAH would not tell believing women to lower their gaze, protect their chastity AND cover themselves modestly. ALLAH told the believing men to lower their gaze and protect their chastity only, so yes we are responsible for what they see of us.

        I agree that we don’t have to wear an abaya in the middle of a place full of Europeans maybe, but it’s certainly possible to wear a long skirt and a loose long top and a hijaab that covers the chest properly. Wandering around with a hijaab that doesn’t cover the ‘awrah of the woman completely negates the purpose of hijaab subhaan ALLAH!

        After you have covered yourself properly in the Eyes of ALLAH and taken all the measurements to avoid lustful attention, then it’s certainly up to the men to do what they were commanded and not stare and think wrong.

        And indeed makeup, perfume and tight clothing is not modesty in the least. As I said, those women above in the pictures are not modest-looking at all and are more fitnah than some disbelieving women astaghfirullah.

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    • I think I went off on a tangent, my point is if you look at at least 25 different translations of that verse you’ll understand my point, and also look at some of the way it’s been translated into other languages, it’s crazy what some scholars have added/taken away from that verse according to their personal beliefs.

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      • Yes but in pure Arabic it’s quite clear subhaan ALLAH. Modesty for a woman is humbleness, discreetness, not calling everyone to look at you because you’re beautiful in all your adornments. Modesty for a woman outside is what most people would call plain and they wouldn’t even look at her twice, except maybe for the fact that she covers her head.

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      • So what do you think about men that do their hair and put on cologne and wear clothing like that of magazines? Those men walk in our muslim societies without anyone saying anything to them, but if a woman puts on perfume it’s haram? So I have to smell like a pig when it’s hot outside, but a guy can put on cologne and wear whatever he wants, and ALLAH swt won’t be upset with him? I definitely agree that as muslim women we should be modest and present ourselves to society in an respectful manner, but I don’t believe that what these women are wearing is bad or disgraceful, there’s nothing wrong dressing in a way that is unique to your character as long as it’s not suggestive in anyway.

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      • I think we are coming to a point of agreement xD

        I definitely also disagree with men dressed like that and I speak out about it all the time XD. Islam does actually command modesty for both genders but women are specifically addressed in the Qur’aan as they are the weaker and more vulnerable sex. ALLAH knows His creation best.

        As for wearing perfume outside as a woman, there’s a hadith that states that it is clearly forbidden, for sure. We aren’t even allowed to wear it to the masjid because it disrupts men from their Salah. You don’t have to smell “like a pig” if you are clean and wear a deodorant Sis XD


  2. Men have a specific dress code too as Muslims; wear clothes that cover at least from the belly button down to the knee, lift the hems of the trousers/thobe above the ankle, let the beard grow. Islam is a religion of justice al hamdu liLLAH, no need to worry about these things as ALLAH has taken care of it already 😀


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