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Here is a  hand-picked list of 10 Awesome Hijabi YouTubers that you should definitely check out!


What I love about this Youtuber is that her love for the religion is contagious, just watching her videos will grow your appreciation for Islam more.

Eslimah hasn’t been posting much recently, but she is very active on her blog and always posts awesome stuff on her intagram. Eslimah is originally a revert from Estonia, after her fashion career took off, she has come to settle in Qatar. Here is one of her early videos:

You should also check out this video for a neat Ramadan idea: Eslimah’s Ramadan Battle Plan Video! Or you can go here to find out more:


This is one of the first Hijabi youtubers I came to know! Dina’s channel is mainly about fashion and makeup, and though I enjoy watching those from time to time, I mostly  watch her vlog videos or one of the random funny videos that she posts.

She has an energetic and super fun personality that is only made better with her proper British accent 😛 I’ve watched a 35-minute blog of Dina’s without even realizing it was that long because she knows how to keep her content entertaining!

About a year or two ago she got married and made an awesome channel with her husband, Sid, where they post funny challenges and vlog about their newly-born daughter, Hannahbanana. To view the Sid & Dina channel click HERE.



This Youtuber is hilarious! Her jokes are out of this world, and are usually appropriate 😉  Saima is of Bengali origin but lives in England, all of her videos (that I’ve seen) are in English. In addition to this channel, she has two other channels, a vlog channel and a fashion channel called Saimastyleslike.

I originally came across her channel through her fashion channel but grew to like the “Saimasmileslike” channel the most. I find the videos on that channel more entertaining and enjoy watching her rants and crazy challenge videos.

Word of advice, watching any of her videos is bound to have you cracking up, so make sure you’re alone in your room so people don’t think you’re crazy for laughing hysterically at your phone 😛

4. Tazzy Phe

Next up is Tazzy Phe! In my opinion, this YouTuber deserves so many more subscribers without a doubt. Mainly,  she does hilarious comedy skits on her channel with occasional hijab tutorials, rants and cooking videos with her little sister.

Tazzy has a sarcastic sense of humor that people might not catch on to right away, but will surely grow to love and appreciate. Overall you can’t help watching her skit videos without letting out a laugh!

5. Amenakin

This is another YouTuber like Dina that many people already know about. Amena’s channel features some killer makeup and styling advice that is so helpful to people like me who don’t know much about make-up and what products to buy and what not. Her channel isn’t limited to make-up videos, as you will find out from her channel trailer below.

Amena, like several other Hijabi YouTubers, also lives in the UK with her husband and offspring (I know such an awkward word to use, but I don’t know how many children she has exactly, 1 or 2, so we’ll leave it at offspring 😉

She has her own makeup brand, eyelash brand, and within recent month’s has opened a physical location for her online hijab store. In addition, she’s created a very unique hijab called a “Hoojab” which is a cross between a Hijab and a Hoodie in order to be easy and quick to wear.

6. Habiba Da Silva

Habiba’s channel has a mix of videos ranging from fashion and makeup tutorials and lookbooks, to videos like the one included below. I love watching her videos and the make-up looks she has are beautiful! Additionally, her lookbooks are a great source to take inspiration from when trying to change up your dressing style.

Personally I especially like following her snapchat since she’s always updating it, and recently kept up with the fashion show she co-hosted in Nigeria this past week.

P.S be prepared for a lot of snaps featuring Portuguese Soundcloud mixes;)

7. Zukreat

I was having some serious eyebrow problems about year ago and watching one of Zukreat’s videos SOLVED that problem for me! There is something about her tutorials that is so easy to follow, and it’s so reassuring when taking her advice because she is so knowledgable about makeup.

She has a successful makeup brand called Artist of Makeup, and is a makeup artist herself, so you can trust that whatever she is telling you to do!

P.S I ran into her in Dubai this past summer and had the chance to have a quick chat with her and took a picture, be jealous >:)

8. Fatima Kojima

This YouTuber, contrary to the title of the video, is not a hijabi currently, though she has worn it for several of her videos. She is a mixed revert who grew up attending a Christian school and eventually found Islam a few years ago.

As someone who is born into Islam, I love following Fatima because I find her videos enlightnening in the sense that I get to see how she comes to figure things out about the religion without the traditional aspect taken into account. It’s a great way of seeing a different perspective on Islam, and I have learned so much about things I thought I already knew everything about.

9. BubbleGumHijab

This girl has a unique fashion style that features daring colors, styles and hijab tutorials, I love watching her channel to get fashion inspiration and ideas. She also makes a variety of  delicious cultural recipes and awesome DIY videos worth checking out!

BubbleGumHijab is also active in the fashion world and you can take some insider insights from her vlogs from several events that she’s attended like the Harvey Nichols fashion show and the Gen Beauty event!

10. Herdinii

Herdinii is an Arab YouTuber from Vienna, Austria. I came across her channel about a year ago and have since been a subscriber and enjoy watching her videos whenever I find myself on YouTube (24/7 basically).

Aside from having a really cool username, she’s got cool videos to match that are fun and entertaining to watch! I think this is one of the only YouTubers on the list who isn’t a beauty or “Fashion Guru”  and has a nice subscriber count on YouTube. You go girl 🙂

Here is the first video of Herdinii’s that I saw:


That concludes the list guys! Comment which Hijabi youtube you think should be included on the list so that I can check them out 😀

After the Post Notes:

If you see the word “cookbook” all over this post then please disregard it, my laptop kept changing “lookbook” to “cookbook”. It’s driving me mad and I corrected it, but with it being nearly 1 am I don’t KNOW if I trust myself when I say that I’ve eradicated all the “cookbooks” on this post.
Also, this post took so long to write despite the low word count because I would keep on going on youtube to get the info and videos and then I would get distracted and start watching videos!
~Have an awesome rest of the day!




  1. I feel honored to be in your top 10 listing 😀 thank you so much! i thought i knew all the “big” hjabi youtubers but i had never heard of bubbleGumHijab! so thanks for hooking me up with a new hijab youtube! your blog is generally really cool! keep going, i love your content 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg thank you!! I cant believe you actually read my email and checked this out 😀 This means so much to me, I appreciate it so much thank you xD (i almost didnt believe when it said herdinii commented on your post lol)


  2. A lot of my favourites are on this list!!! I didn’t know Eslimah made YT videos, I follow her on snapchat & insta. Also, I LOVE Chelseyhijablove- watching her videos are so uplifting. And another recent one I discovered is Cypriot Sister, she’s funny! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aima warriach says:

    hey have you checked out niqabae chronicles, its a girl who wears niqab her videos are funny but also address important issues and she lives in Canada

    Liked by 1 person

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