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Hijabi Girl with Martin Starr and Paul Wesley?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

How many of you have heard of the Amira & Sam movie which came out yesterday? The trailer is at the end of this post if you haven’t.

The reason I’m bringing this up, is that the heroine, Amira, isn’t just an arab girl who happens to be from Iraq, she is portrayed as a hijabi girl in the movie. A hijabi girl. Playing the lead. In an American movie! 

Now I don’t know how many times you guys have seen a movie like that, but I really haven’t. I came across the trailer for the movie a while back, and even though there were some things that I particularly didn’t like about the way the hijabi girl was portrayed, I was still excited to see the movie. Unfortunately for me, the movie isn’t playing anywhere near me in theaters so I will have to wait a bit before I get to see it.

However, I did the see the trailers, and from those, I had one particular thought that kind of worried me:

Why was Amira sleeping with her hijab on?

Although that wasn’t the only inaccurate portrayal of the hijab in the movie, it was the one that bugged me the most. As a hijabi, I’ve been asked regularly questions like:

“Do you shower with it?”

“Do you wear it everywhere?”

“Do you sleep with it?”

And before, I would always think, why would they think I sleep with it on? But now if someone asked me that question, I would think they saw this movie and that’s why they were asking.

But overall, I’m not offended by the movie, because it was about an arab girl, not a muslim girl, so I can understand why there wasn’t a big effort to keep it as muslim as possible. I do however, wonder, why the lead actress, Dina Shihabi who plays Amira in the movie, didn’t adhere to proper hijabi clothing in the movie. From a search I did, she is a native of Dubai, and from that I’d assume she should have known better than to have worn short-sleeves and short-ish skirts in the movie right? Not that you’re an awful person if you’re a hijabi and you do that, but it just bothers me to some extent because she also randomly decides to take it off sometimes and keep it on sometimes. Basically, if you know nothing about hijab, you won’t learn anything from watching this movie because Amira’s random hijab-wearing will confuse you 😛

Anyways, if you want to know what I’m talking about, then checkout the Amira and Sam trailer and tell me what your thoughts are about it:

Would you watch the movie? Is there something you wished they’d done differently in the movie?


8 thoughts on “Hijabi Girl with Martin Starr and Paul Wesley?

  1. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum 🙂
    This is the first time I’ve seen a ‘hijabi’ woman portrayed having a lead role and in a positive light. Despite the obvious inaccuracies in the Islamic sense (intimate non-married relationships, etc.) I think this could be the first step to breaking the Islamophobic mindset so profound in the Western world. So many people view the hijab with such suspicion that they make blatant assumptions.

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    • Wa Alaykum Al Salam! Yeah it is definitely a first step, it was my first time seeing a hijabi woman having a leading role too. I hope it does lead to a better understanding of hijabis in the west and reduce the suspicion 🙂

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  2. I’d watch it because it is a headscarf wearer, and it talks about key immigration topics. BUT I am appalled by the portrayal of the intimate non-marital relationship, her revealing clothes paired with the headscarf, etc. Anyways. Hollywood just doesn’t know how to portray observantly religious people.

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  3. Hamza says:

    I would never watch it. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said that before the Dajjal the campaign for the corruption of the women would begin. It has begun and sisters are falling.

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