Reclaim Your Heart

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I was browsing Amazon for a good book yesterday and somehow along the way, decided that I should buy a book relating to Islam since it’s the month of Muharram and one of my goals was to spend more time on my religion (or doing things that related to religion). I wasn’t expecting to find much, but then came across this: “Best Books by Muslim Women”, which was basically a list of some interesting books relating to Islam and women. I was expecting the list to be short and boring, but was surprised to find many interesting titles, and the best part was that they were all by women and not men! I’m not sexist but the majority of Muslims happen to be from the Middle East or other areas where male dominance literally makes it so hard for our voices to be heard, so coming across so many personal writings of these women who shared the same values and beliefs as me truly made me feel like I’m not standing alone and that I’m part of a greater community.

And not only that, but I came across a particular book that I’am a bit too excited to share, and this is only from the preview that I’ve seen of it since I haven’t received it yet. The book is called “Reclaim your Heart” by Yasmin Mogahed. It’s basically a story that connects her personal life experiences with Quranic quotes and her religious journey.

Here’s what someone said about it in their review to give you an idea:

This book is AMAZING. You will never want to put it down. It really helps you put everything into perspective and shift your focus on what really matters in your life – Your relationship with God. There is no doubt that we will experience hardships in life -but after you read this book your hardships will be a lot easier to deal with. May God continue to bless Yasmin in the amazing work that she does.” -Tamer

0985751207Can’t wait to get to read the rest of it! If you click the cover picture

you’ll be taken to the page where you can find the preview for it.


7 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Heart

    • Yes same I’m such a fan of her work, she’s got such an amazing way with words, like you said she’s got a knack for reaching out to your heart! Personally I loved the book and enjoyed reading every part of it, but everyone has different tastes.

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