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Girl Stuff- What Kind of Gift to Buy!

gift-presentبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Al Salam to everyone, and good morning or evening depending on where you are! 🙂 I wanted to make a quick post about a topic that I find troublesome for us girls, and everyone in general who has ever had to get a gift for someone, so I made a small list about a few occasions to help you brainstorm what kind of gifts to buy for the next occasion you’re attending!


GRADUATION for this event, it’s best to keep it light and basic. Ex: flowers, something from edible arrangements, noun_210125_cca stuffed animal, a card. If it’s a Graduation Party, then go for something that’s easy on the pockets but looks like it’s more expensive than it is, like a watch, perfume, handbag, wallet. Pair it with a card if you like but make sure to only take that one item and not to add other small things, that would make the gift look less valuable.


ANNIVERSARY for this event, I would hope that you would spend as much time and money needed to make that other noun_232301_ccperson feel special, but I would recommend incorporating something handmade in it if possible. Something spontaneous would be perfect for this (unless the other person has a phobia of spontaneous things).

HIJAB/TAKLEEF PARTY(celebration of wearing hijab party)- for this event, other than a hijab, I would recommend getting the new noun_97249_cchijabista some hijab-friendly clothes, anything religion related would go, like a new prayer matt or prayer clothes. Personally I would emphasize getting her some clothes that are wearable with hijab to help your friend get started on her new wardrobe change.

BIRTHDAY it seems like I know all of my friends so well until I have to get them a birthday present, for this event it’s all going to depend on how close you are to the friend who’s party you’re attending. If they are your best friend or a super close friend, then almost anything goes, but I would suggest adding something handmade in it as well if you can, also include a card if possible, you know who your best friends are when they include a card that’s completely filled with writing 😉

If the person is a sort-of-friend-not-friend, then I would suggest to go with something that looks expensive but isn’t, like from the noun_170937_ccgraduation suggestion, a watch, perfume etc. This is often the case when you’re invited to your friends friend birthday party, and even though you hangout and see this person often, you don’t really know them that much on a personal level, but you still can’t ignore the fact that it’s their birthday and not bring anything.

If the person is a close friend that you don’t hangout much with (ex: a co-worker, classmate, team mate), but know some things about, then I would recommend you go with something cheap but memorable. I.E A bracelet from a band they mentioned that they liked, or a book they mentioned they liked, something basic that says “I’m a good friend” but isn’t as creepy as getting them a Michael Kors bag and making them think that you’re a loner who thinks the first person who talks to them is their best friend.

EID- this one is actually hard because not everyone 
noun_176613_cc.pngdoes presents for Eid, it seems that mostly it’s money, and gifts are usually given only to the really close relatives and friends, in which I would say almost anything goes, but I would recommend that the gift is somewhat creative and different than the usual type of things you gift to that person.


Hope this helped you get some ideas for your gift-hunting!


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2 thoughts on “Girl Stuff- What Kind of Gift to Buy!

  1. Wow I really needed something like this so thank you so much for creating this super helpful post! Since Mother’s Day is coming up here in the U.S. I was wondering if you can give us some ideas in a future post!

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