بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I’ve never understood why people are always so set on losing their innocence as fast as possible. I was reading this article about how parents believe their children are losing their innocence so early on now a days, and I felt the need to rant about the subject a bit lol.

In middle school and  high school especially, everyone was so set on doing all these adult things that took away from their innocence. They thought that by losing that innocence they became adults, and it never made sense to me. Innocence is beautiful. It is a form of blissful ignorance that you should try your best to keep, because the reality is, time will wear it out anyway, so what’s the hurry? Don’t waste it all in the beginning of your life, don’t lose it for the stupid sake of seeming more adult and more cool to a bunch of people who aren’t going to matter in a few years anyway. Stop trying to expand your vocabulary of condoms and dildos, stop trying to learn how to grind and pole dance, even if its for jokes, stop letting yourself be touched everywhere and being hungry to have your own Romeo and Juliet play all the time.

Enjoy the fact that you are momentarily allowed to not involve yourself in such things, that you can only worry about having fun with your friends and complaining about your teachers and the age limit for getting your drivers license. These things will be learnt by you as time goes on anyway, so don’t waste the time of your life when you can have the most fun, trying to involve yourself in anything and everything that has to do with ripping your innocence off piece by piece.

Let that innocence tear away slowly, leave the tearing for time to do.



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