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Hijab & the Dress Devil


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In all honesty, I want to ask you ladies, have you ever had that moment, where you looked at yourself in the mirror and said “I wish I could just go out without wearing my hijab and worrying about covering so much of my body?”

I feel like there isn’t a single hijabi out there who has never had that thought, especially those living in western countries and those who might not wear hijab, but stick to modest dressing in countries where modesty only refers to covering your private parts. 

I’m going to admit, that yes though I’m a hijabi and choose to wear a hijab every time I walk out the door, I do have those thoughts sometimes (especially when I’m in a rush to get somewhere.) I find it so bothersome when I put together an outfit that looks so nice and perfect, and then can’t wear it due to the fact that once I add my hijab, or once I add extra pieces for full coverage, I end up looking like a hobo and the outfit is ruined. And it’s during these moments, when the Dress Devil decides to wander through my head, and tell me things like:

“What is the big deal if you just walked out without your hijab?”

“There’s lots of girls who don’t wear a hijab and who are probably going to a better place in Jannah than you, so just walk out with that pretty outfit and make it up with some extra praying or fasting”

“Do you really have to wear that thing on your head before you go out? Imagine how nice it would feel to just walk out without having to worry about putting your hijab on.”

And I wish it would stop there, there’s an endless spiral of these thoughts that the devil decides to feed my head with. And I think that if I wasn’t someone who loved her religion so much, I would have probably given up a few times until I eventually would have quit on the hijab. And the even sadder reality is, that there are so many girls who don’t have enough love for their religion to respect its rules, or who don’t have enough support from family to follow religious protocol just because it goes against what society says, and others who simply don’t understand religion at all and are too preoccupied with looking pretty to care about the choices they make and religion as a whole.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these girls are horrible people, or that they are horrible muslims, but I think they are people who haven’t given the subject enough importance to look into it. They didn’t really give themselves a chance to consider it from all perspectives and to understand what hijab really is about. They only looked at the fact that hijab was something that wasn’t letting all of their beauty show and decided that it wasn’t the right thing to do, because in society, why would you choose to look any less pretty than you are? It’s like giving yourself less value than you are, at least to the people who think that way, and make all their choices based on these societal demands.

I understand that as girls you want to look as pretty and as sexy as you can. I get that, I really do, but you also have to think, why does it matter that you look pretty? I’m a girl too. 

But, what is the point of always looking pretty? 

You have to realize that there’s hundreds of millions of other girls in the world, and there are so many beautiful girls out there to the point where it is pointless to try and be the prettiest, because the reality is each one has somethings that are prettier about her than the other. 

It’s even more pointless because each person has a different way of formulating who they find attractive and who they don’t, so all that effort you put into showing off your best features often goes to waste anyway. If you don’t like the fact that wearing the hijab makes you look less attractive than your other female co-workers or classmates, then get over that and stop trying to be another mannequin on display for free. These men see so many women when they walk in the streets and in class and on TV, and they have noticed so many beautiful females, they’ve looked at so many asses and boobs and beautiful faces and bodies, whether intentionally or not, so having them look at you and notice your nice butt or that you look pretty today, is technically as meaningless as when you’re flipping through a magazine and see all these beautiful looking people but know they are just faces on pages that you are never going to see or talk to or get to know, and the only thing they will leave you with is a dissatisfaction about all the perfect things about them that you don’t have. 

And when you go into public with those tight jeans that emphasize your butt and that red-lipstick to show your full lips, realize that you are being just like those girls in those magazines, you walk around not realizing that there’s other women who are now mothers who have lost their youthful looks and standing next to you, their husbands get a partial piece of that magazine where they see a nice ass and full lips, and then they look at their wife standing next to you, and they’re forced into seeing how not-so-full her lips are in comparison, and how her butt has actually become saggy and is barely present anymore.

Like what is the point of you looking pretty in that situation? That whole situation could have been avoided, there was no point in you making that woman feel like she’s any less pretty than you. Even if it’s not your intention, it happens.

Or even lets say you are going to school and there aren’t men and their saggy-butt wives, but like, you’re sitting in freaking math class, why does it matter how hot the 15-year old boy next to you thinks you are? Or if you really like him and you want him to think you are pretty and want him to ask you out, is that what you really want? That a boy comes to ask you out simply because you looked pretty in math class? 

Aside from the fact that you shouldn’t even be having this relationship in the first place, but what kind of relationship do you think you would be building like that? And what is the point? Especially if you’re talking about a 15 year old boy who will probably only be in a relationship with you for a few years ( and again, I want to say why the heck are you in a relationship with this boy, you should know better than to involve yourself in romantic relationships that aren’t halal 😉 

I wish I could bore you with more blabbing about all the possible situations regarding this topic, and how in all of them, it doesn’t make any sense to leave your hijab at home, and to leave your modesty behind for, because the reality is, you’re not missing much except for the players and the shallow guys. It’s not that much harder to put on a long shirt that covers your ass, than it is to put on the shirt that doesn’t. It’s not that much harder to put on jeans that emphasize your ass than it is to put on the pair that doesn’t, or to put on your hijab instead of fixing your hair. 

I hope that the next time the Dress Devil wants to take a walk, you won’t let him walk with you, because you understand and value your modesty more than whatever he’s going to try and tempt you with!

~ I apologize if I offended anybody or anyone in this article, I did not have that intention when making the blog post! And to be honest I would never write something offensive for any reason. Additionally, I just wanted to add that this doesn’t mean you should be totally careless about the way you look! No, no no! That’s not the message here, it just means do what is necessary to look presentable in public, but don’t go overboard. 




3 thoughts on “Hijab & the Dress Devil

  1. I love this post! I’m a new Muslim and I can’t wait until I get the courage to wear hijab…it’s all I think about! It’s so good to know that other’s struggle with it at times but you work to do what Allah wants and you keep protecting your beauty and modesty even in times of feeling discouraged. Pray for me to get the strength to wear hijab and not be afraid of what people think! 😉


    • Thanks :)) and yes there’s definitely days where you might have struggles with it, but honestly I’ve been wearing mine for a while now and it’s definitely worth the little struggles here and there. InshAllah you will, take it step by step and you will get there 🙂

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